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  • Francesco Group Derby 4:27 pm on February 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Ben Cope – Project X 


    Congratulations to our very own Ben Cope for being accepted on to this year’s Fellowship for British Hairdressing Project X! Over the next 12 months Ben will be sharing his experiences on the course!

    What is Project X?

    Project x is a course run by the fellowship for British hairdressing. This course will be run for the year of 2015 and will enable Ben to work with some of the best hairdressers in the industry broadening his knowledge and experience.

    Project X Day 1 – 18/01/15

    “My first day at project x was meeting our mentor Ashleigh, and to learn about presentation skills with Edward Hemmings.”

    Ben was truly taken out of his comfort zone in Day 1. He was asked to bring a mood board that showed things which inspire him and a memorable item to the session. Edward then took the group through the basics of presenting and gave each member some tips on how they might improve. As the year goes on, Ben will be given opportunities to present ideas to the team back at the salon and with his peers at Project X which I’m sure he’ll be able to implement Edwards ideas in. 

    “I’ve got a full year ahead of me with lots of things to look forward to such as working with top hairdressers like Jamie Stevens and Zoe Irwin.  I am mostly looking forward to our session with Jamie Stevens where we will be learning about making wigs.”

    Ben Cope 2Ben Cope

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    New Luxe Oil Range! 

    Luxe oil collection SP

    Following the success of SP Luxe Oil, Wella have released a full range of products to compliment it!

    ‘Infused with Jojoba and Argan Oils, this luxurious shampoo penetrates deep into the hair structure to restore health, shine and radiance to the hair. Especially ideal for dull, damaged and lacklustre hair types, Luxe Oil Keratin Protect Shampoo imparts a silky softness and improves manageability.’

    Ask your stylist for more details.

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    The thick of it – Tackling thinning hair with Nioxin 

    More than half of all male and female clients have thinning hair.* Nioxin can help you combat this to achieve thicker, fuller-looking hair!


    A massive 46% of women are concerned with thinning hair but only 25% of them act on it.** Don’t let yourself fall in to that silent category. There are many options available to you and your stylist can offer genuine advice on which products are appropriate.

    There are many reasons why peoples hair starts to thin; age, pregnancy, stress, illness and various medication. Nioxin is one of the industries leading selling brands for thinning hair. With money back guarantee, Nioxin’s confidence in their product and the results speak for themselves.


    Nioxin has a range of in salon treatments such as micro-dermabrasions for the scalp to help renew the scalps environment, and at home treatments including scalp cleansers, revitalisers and leave in treatments for the hair and scalp.

    Diaboost is the newest product in the range, it’s a treatment spray which you spray in to wet or dry hair and massage through from root to tip. It’s unlike other products in the range in that the results are instantaneous. From the first use, you will feel and see dramatic results. It works by increasing the thickness of each individual strand of hair making it appear fuller and thicker.


    So next time you’re in the salon, do not hesitate to ask your stylist about this amazing new product to help you achieve that thicker, fuller hair that you’ve always wanted!

    *Global Hair consumer segmentation study

    ** Aveda Invati survey, carried out on 2,00 women aged 20-50

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    Tags: champion, , easydry, eco, energy, environment, friendly, green, , litres, paper, recycling, , saving, towels, water   

    Francesco Group Derby named Water Champion 

    ImageHairdressers can hardly stop washing hair in the salon, but Francesco Group Derby has proven there are other ways to save water. From this month, clients can see exactly how much the salon has saved when they see Francesco Group Derby’s new Save Our Water Award certificate, presented to the team by eco-friendly disposable towel company Easydry. Francesco Group Derby’s certificate, now proudly on display in the salon, shows the team saved an incredible 9,000 litres of water, helping to massively reduce its carbon footprint in the past 12 months.

    ‘It is the nature of our business to be heavy water users. We can’t stop shampooing clients’ hair, but we can make other changes, such as switching to Easydry, to save what is becoming an increasingly precious commodity,’ said Salon Owner Ian Oliver ‘Using Easydry means we no longer have to launder hundreds of cotton towels every week, which has slashed our water use and helped reduce our carbon footprint.’

    Francesco Group Derby switched to Easydry as an alternative to laundering cotton towels on a daily basis after it found that the lifetime carbon footprint of an Easydry towel was much less than laundering a cotton towel just once.

    ‘Easydry helps us look after our clients and the environment at the same time, and our clients have welcomed our move to more sustainable practices,’ says Francesco Group Derby.

    Water is becoming one of the UK’s most precious resources, but consumption is outstripping supply. According to water conservation group Waterwise, London is drier than Istanbul, while the UK overall has less water available per person than most other European countries.


    ‘With water fast becoming one of the most precious commodities, we need to embrace more sustainable business practices and celebrate those who do,’ said Easydry’s CEO, Anne Butterly. ‘That’s why we launched Save Our Water, so our clients can show their clients that they are considerate of the environment.’

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    Salon Summer Playlist

    Click on the link above and subscribe to the our playlists.

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    From Geek to Chic 

    From Geek to Chic Blog

    We invited laura @ geek to chic into our salon and this is what she had to say …


    Pamper Morning at Francesco Group Derby

    Hello lovely! Today I’d like to talk about my recent experience at Francesco Group Derby – where a friend and I had our hair done for a girly day out in London. Woohoo!

    First things first, I have to say that I can’t believe I’ve never been to this salon before. I thought I had been to most salons in Derby since I moved here 5 years ago but this one is quite the hidden gem.

    Francesco Group in Derby is based on Victoria Street and once you head on up the lovely mirrored and lit staircase, you are met by a very ‘vogue looking’ reception area. This space is really modern, fresh and clean. 


    My friend and I decided on having curly hair for our special day out – got to love a bit of volume! The day out was actually in aid of my birthday and I have to say I was rather depressed at turning 28, so I was definitely in need of a pamper. 

    We had our hair washed at the basin area which is to the one side of the salon, it’s a lovely little secluded area and the chairs are insanely comfortable. Which is always a relief.

    Here we are undergoing the grooming process. We were in the safe hands of the manager Christopher and his colleagues. The stylists were very friendly, attentive and keen to help out with our hair questions. I always make the most of hair appointments by asking my stylist questions. Don’t be shy when you’re in a salon – if you have any hair queries ask the experts while you have the chance!

    My stylist also had the new Wella Luxe Oil which I was particularly excited about and she used it on my hair. It smells a-ma-zing, it’s a really lightweight oil and having read up online about it, it’s good for transforming and conditioning damaged hair. It contains Argan, Jojoba and Almond Oil. With ingredients like that, you can’t go too wrong, can you! 

    Francesco Group salon prices start from £20.00 for a cut and finish, £15.00 for men’s hair and colouring starts from £30.00. Always speak to your salon about the type of stylist too – if you’re on a budget, you can always see a trainee or junior stylist and you’ll benefit from the best price possible. You’ll still get the luxury of the salon, with the same treatments and service. 

    Here’s my finished result which I loved, my hair stayed really volumised all day and I felt really glamourous yet understated, which is a very good thing indeed.

    Here is my friend Jayne’s hair – her hair is really long and she never curls or straightens it, so it was really good for her to have a new ‘do’ for our day out. 


    And for all you local Chic Geeks out there, Francesco salon has WiFi – so fear not, you won’t have to miss reading your favourite posts on FromGeektoChic while you are pampered in the salon. Phew!

    I also got to take a look at the new ghd Eclipse straighteners while I was in the salon, they look really sleek and from what I can see they boast a more even heat than previous ghd stylers. 

    If you’re local to Derby or visiting for the day and want to pop in to the salon for a new hair do, you can contact Francesco Group directly on 01332 340 532. 

    You can also visit their blog on or the official Francesco group website on
    Always Geek, Forever Chic,

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    Tags: balayage, colour trends 2013, colouring kits, DIY, home colour, illumina,   

    Expertise is Priceless 

    6 out of 10 people who colour their hair turn to home dye kits, according to retail researchers Mintel.

    ”While interviewing the customer about salon services on the street, a high percentage were confused about the salon price list and didn’t understand the different types of colour available” says The Chapels Amanda Dicker, who spent a year researching the reasons behind the increase in home colouring.

    Whilst we admit colour can be confusing and there is often a fear of the price quickly escalating, we offer something that very few people take us up on … the FREE consultation. In this consultation, your stylist can go through everything from suitability, current trends, maintenance, after-care advice and future costs. The end result is that you and the stylist have a plan formulated which is truly bespoke and customised to suit your needs.


    Below are just two examples of perfect colours which simply cannot be matched by home colouring kits.

    colour trends 2013colour trends 2013


    To book your free consultation with one of our colour experts just call 01332 340 532. We look forward to seeing you soon and remember that when it comes to colour, expertise is priceless!

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    Are Cheaper Hair Products False Economy? 

    hair products false economy

    ‘Hands up if you love to get your hands on the latest new Chanel lip shade, MAC Foundation or perhaps a funky mascara from Benefit? and why not? a little bit of luxury makes you feel Gooooooood!

    Now, who among you thinks nothing of splashing out on a luxury makeup item or indeed a fab new hair cut and colour but loves to take advantage of a bargain when it comes to a hair care product such as shampoo or conditioner? Don’t feel bad, everyone likes a bargain, after all its one of life’s great pleasures, and the shop savvy among us will actively seek out a bargain in the aim of saving a few extra pennies and who can blame you? But is it a false economy? Are the two for one offers just too good to be true?

    High Street brands and the general ‘cheap hair products’ do seem like great value but do you really know what is going in to these products? Shampoos loaded with ingredients which are great for stripping the dirt off to give you that ‘squeaky clean’ feel which we all love but did you realise that they are also responsible for stripping your colour and natural oils so much so that you can expect to cut down the life of your newly coloured hair by up to 50%. Then add in the conditioners heavy with silicone which make your hair feel lovely and soft but also lifeless and greasy within no time at all. A hair cycle from hell.

    If you’re a fan of a hair colour, you’ll be aware that colouring hair is not a low-cost affair but because we feel good when our hair looks good we are happy to pay that bit more for a salon colour. But if you then follow that up with a cheap shampoo and conditioner you are effectively just rinsing your hair colour down the sink. So on reflection it’s worth spending that bit more on a salon product to help prolong your colour and protect your investment.’

    – Hairynina Salon Blog Dec31st2012

    At Francesco Group we stock Wella SP, Nioxin and Sebastian products, all of which are adored by stylists and clients alike. Each product range has an ambassador in salon who would be more than happy to talk to you. Feel free to Google the individual products too and see what other customers have to say about them!

    ‘So the next time you splash out on that fab new piece of makeup whilst grabbing a shampoo on offer have a think about what you’re putting on your hair. After all if you’ve paid  good money for your cut and colour you’ll want to keep it that way. When our hair looks good YOU feel good. It’s that simple.’

    Credit to Hairy Nina Salon, Essex  for the original article

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    Product of the Month – April 2013 – Craft Clay 


    One for the Lads.

    Craft Clay is a remouldable matte texturiser which is ideal for gents who like to rework there style from day to night.

    Enriched with earth minerals, crafted especially, this helps to seperate and restyle texture with touchable matte-finish hold.

    Our sebastian specialist, Ben, recommends you apply the product by emulsify into hands and work through dry hair to add texture and seperation with hold. To get added voloume to any short to medium styles, rub product in at the roots. For extreme volume use after blowdrying volupt spray in at the root.

  • Francesco Group Derby 1:52 pm on March 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Product Of The Month – March 2013 

    Taming Elixir

    Taming Elixir is a weightless smoothing creme serum containing avocado oil that acts as a mild frizz-tamer. Whilst fighting humidity, it keeps the hair feeling soft and frizz-free without the feel of any product through the hair.

    Our Sebastian ambassador Ben suggests that you ‘apply a few drops into the palm of your hand and glide through damp hair from mid-lengths to ends. Blow-dry in to the hair for a smooth, frizz-free result. You can then use heated styling tools for a softly defined style’

    Sebastian Taming Elixir

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